What is important to us is that you feel safe, knowing that we are doing our best to build a thriving, long-term collaboration with you. You are never bound to continue, instead, you stay with us as long as you are happy and content.
We manage the property rental for our clients, whether they themselves are located here in Spain, or somewhere far away, as long as the property is available for holiday guests. 
"The hosts are wonderful, best we have had in our many stays in Airbnb's, they took care of any issues promptly and made our stay the best"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jay, USA

I n t r o d u c t i o n

The first step we take is setting up an informal meeting with you, at the property that you have an interest in renting out. Over a cup of coffee, we will tell you more in-depth about ourselves and the services we provide, as well as addressing any questions you might have. In this way, we see the property, meet you and thereby together establish whether our service is right for you. Additionally, we will be able to estimate an approximation of future rental income for your property through the utilization of our service.
When the contract is signed, the following step we take as swift as possible is to take professional pictures of the property. Along with the photos, we publish the property with professionally written texts that describe the accommodation, surrounding neighborhood, attractions etc. We strive to make the property stand out from the crowd and optimize guests reached.
Before we publish the property, we synchronize your plans for staying in your home, and make sure that these dates are blocked on the rental portals’ calendars.  

R E S E R V A T I O N S 

All contact with guests and potential guests is managed by us. We have many guests who are interested in learning more about the accommodation and the surrounding area before they complete a booking, we inform them about everything. Furthermore, many guests inquire about local recommendations, venturing around Costa Blanca, and once in place, we daily keep contact with all guests, if they should have any questions.
We organize all practical matters prior to a booking and are always present to welcome the guests upon their arrival, regardless the hour of the day. We thoroughly introduce them to their holiday home and make sure they feel at home.
Every time we receive a booking confirmation from any of the rental portals that we use, we forward it to you as our client. The booking confirmations describe everything you need to know about the upcoming guests; reservation dates, number of guests, nationality, names and booking price.
"Great hosts. They were flexible, punctual, very informative, nice and very-very helpful. The best hosts you can have! We will definetely go back!!!"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ildikó, Hungary


High-ranking visibility on rental portals enables us to rent out your property. After each reservation, the portals that we use let all guests leave a review of their stay. These reviews are registered and the properties are then ranked on the booking portal based on the average of the reviews left by guests. By receiving the best reviews, we are thereby ranked higher on the booking portals, leaving us with more frequent bookings than others and with an advantage when determining price rates.
Nordic RentAway Spain is professionally occupied with property rental. We want and believe that our clients benefit in many aspects from our services, rather than doing it themselves.

H O L I D A Y   S T A Y

Upon every guest arrival, our staff meets the guest(s) at the property to show the accommodation and deliver necessary information to improve their experience. Furthermore, guests will always be met with recommendations for restaurants, shopping, and other tourist activities in the area.
During their stay, our guests always have the opportunity to contact us, their host, if they should need guidance, recommendations or other tips.
It is important that the guest has an overall great experience, which requires much and continuous drive and commitment from the host.
After every reservation, once the guests have checked out, our cleaning staff manages and makes sure that the property is shining clean for the next reservation and arrival.
"Hosts were great from the second we got there, they were there to greet us and even left notes with places they recommend - day trips/taxi numbers/restaurants. They made our stay very comfortable."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Luke, UK

P r i c e s 

To optimize revenue from rental income, we work daily with price setting due to continuous variations in demand. Having a full calendar the year out, is not of importance to us. Instead, we consider a full calendar to be a flawed pricing strategy. In our field of work, we compete with other hospitality bodies, especially hotels. A hotel’s nightly rate will increase the closer you get to the arrival date. Due to this factor, our calendars are usually being filled with last-minute bookings, a week before the guests arrive. This strategy allows a richer rental income, and allows our clients more freedom to use their property with short-term notice.
We utilize several tools to analyze important factors: popularity of the property location and area, dates searched for most by guests and the increase in percentage, competitors’ prices, and, which countries having public holidays that might affect our locations. These tools, aid in creating an approximation of price variation in the different areas, where we rent out properties.
Our decision on rental rates is affected by various factors, such as: number of beds available, the condition of the accommodation, distance to the ocean, available facilities, and other attractions in the nearby area available for guests.
For all of the above and more, Nordic RentAway Spain charges 25% of the rental income as the cost of our services.


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