Our popular rental service is the key to the investor who wants to profit from Costa Blanca’s vast flow of tourism. Finding the right partner to manage your property for rental is evident and it is equally important for us to establish trustworthy business relationships with our clients. This section will outline the start phase before a property is rented out. The beginning is one of the most important processes to help you organize for vacation rental of your home. We are happy to provide future possible clients and others who are looking to rent their property with a few key issues to manage.

registration & documents

If you already have a tourist license for your property, you can skip this part. For anyone looking to rent their property for tourism on Costa Blanca, by law, needs to obtain a tourist license from the Valencian region. Before applying for a tourism license, “Declaración responsable referente a viviendas de uso turístico”, download pdf file here, you will need to obtain a compatibility code, “CSV del informe favorable de compatibilidad urbanística municipal”. In order to get the compatibility code, you need to apply for the certificate: “Certificado/informe de compatibilidad urbanística”, which, once transmitted, will contain the code of your home. This certificate states that your home meets the requirements for tourism housing.

Every municipality differs in their procedure of transmitting the compatibility certificate, we are delighted to assist in the application should you not be able/wanting to manage this stage yourself. Our fee is €375 +iva, and also includes the application for the tourist license that comes after.

Finally, any tourism property, by law, needs to create a guest register with the local police. We also offer our clients to manage this step, once the property has received its tourist license number.


Having acquired the necessary documents for vacation rental, a property needs to be prepared for hosting holiday guests. We always help our clients during this initial phase and are happy to help with advice, orders, and purchases. All clients receive a checklist at the beginning of our correspondence, to make sure that their property has all that is needed to be a formidable holiday home!


A property requires excellent photographs in order to attract guests and stand out from the crowd of rental properties on Costa Blanca. We spend on average two-three days photographing a client’s property and neighborhood to get the best captions and optimally represent our rental homes on online platforms.


Before we publish a property for bookings, we synchronize our clients’ plans for staying in their home, and make sure that these dates are blocked on the rental portals’ calendars. Moreover, our clients receive a calendar link that enables them to stay updated in real-time with reservations, in this way it is easy to maintain an overview.


We publish our clients’ properties online and have chosen to work with certain portals. Along with photographs, we create texts and guides for all properties to best describe the experience that awaits a guest upon arrival to your home. Finally, we manage the various payment processes that the different portals utilize.

Strategic rental plan

Together with our clients, we align a strategy for the rental property, which balances any ideas and expectations that a homeowner might have before working with us with our experiences from the past years. Some clients have begun with an idea that occupancy is the success indicator for a vacation home, following which they later appreciate that receiving a higher income on less occupancy can be another valuable factor for the maintenance of their property. As with many things, revenue and price strategy is not black and white, especially for an industry which is dependant on certain seasons and consumer (our guests) experiences to generate performance and income that covers a full year. Hence, we find it important that our clients are introduced to our dynamic approach to strategically generate the highest income for a specific property, accounting for all factors, such as facilities, location, etc.

Rental Process & Service Management

Our management team administer all reservations, revenues, and back-office tasks, while our service team manages all guest related matters and experiences.
Our service team manages the communication, arrival, and departure of guests. This entails around the clock support for guests, registration of guests to local law enforcement upon arrival, and safety deposit management. It is important to highlight that we are always present when a guest arrives, which is one of the core service aspects that enable us to maintain control and introduce the property perfectly. Our guests are always able to contact their hosts during their stay, should they need recommendations or help with anything. Moreover, we have created a platform that both our guests and everyone else are able to enjoy during their vacation on Costa Blanca:
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REVIEW management

We strive to rent out the best properties on Costa Blanca and deliver a perfect service to our guests. The unquestionable relationship between online guest reviews and performance of rental properties makes our management of the guest experience fundamental to deliver a profitable rental management service. According to much research in consumer behavior and hospitality, more positive reviews lead to higher occupancy rates, increased revenue, and improved ranking on search engines. In other words, when our service and properties receive the best reviews, we are thereby ranked higher on the booking portals, leaving us with more frequent bookings than others, and with a competitive advantage when determining price rates. For this simple reason, it is evident that our guests have a flawless holiday experience for us and our clients to successfully and continually rent out a vacation home.

Cleaning & Maintenance

We have outsourced our cleaning service to La Lavandería Alicante SL, who only uses natural products that respect the environment. The La Lavanderia team of cleaners arrive at the property upon every departure of our guests and owners, they clean the properties, check for any wear and tear, and deliver dry-cleaning of sheets, towels, etc. to the natural laundry service and dry-cleaner in Alicante.
Our property management service is offered to all our clients: We help and assist with any home improvements, maintenance, repairs, deliveries, etc. It is important that if an issue occurs at a property, it is swiftly taken care of, both during a guest’s stay and while the owners stay themselves. Again, the better the state of the property, the better are we able to perform.

Rental income & SERVICE COST

As we manage all payments from online booking platforms, the income earned is paid out every month between the 15th-20th to our clients. If a reservation ends in February, the payment is due the following month, March.

Our rental management service cost, 25%+iva of the rental income, is invoiced and subtracted this monthly payment, which means that our clients never have to worry about paying invoices to us. Moreover, our rental statement and invoice include all necessary information for local tax declarations on rental income.

We are often asked about additional costs such as cleaning and maintenance. To clarify, the guest pays an additional fee for cleaning when they book a property. We manage this cleaning fee and pay the cleaning company directly, hence, it is not included in the monthly specifications. Should there be any maintenance costs for the property, our clients are able to either receive the invoices in their name or have the cost directly withdrawn from their monthly rental income.