​​​​​​​OUR TEAM

At NORDIC RENTAWAY SPAIN, we are an international, skilled, and driven team, working together to create the most attractive service for both our clients and guests alike. Our highly experienced and professional team members work every day to improve all aspects of our services and they go above and beyond to satisfy all inquiries. The company’s rapid success within its industry stems inevitably from our team’s tremendous dedication to their work.

We speak the following languages fluent: Spanish, English, Swedish, Danish, Italian, and Dutch. We always manage guest communication with all nationalities with our second languages, such as French and German.

Lucas Lischinsky Pierini

LUCAS is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is our I-can-do-everything man and a joyful member of our Service Team! No bump on the road is an obstacle to Lucas, he will always find a solution to everything. Our guests are happily hosted by Lucas who makes everyone feel comfortably at home when arriving to our vacation properties. He has grown tremendously in his work since he first started and always put all his effort into his treatment of travelers as well as co-workers.
A truly wonderful person who will always treat others caringly, putting a smile on everyone's face, and devotes all his skills to improve our services.


FLEUR has been a part of our team since April 2018 and is an integral part of developing the high level of service that both our clients and guests have received since she started hosting on Costa Blanca and working for NORDIC RENTAWAY SPAIN. She is from Amsterdam (NL) and has years of experience from the hospitality and service industry, which she puts into practice every day. Fleur is a constant knowledge explorer and an experienced traveler, she always strives to improve her work, skills, and competencies. Fleur is our Service Manager and she leads our Service Team to provide an excellent guest experience.

Johan sjölin & Isabel Hansen

JOHAN and ISABEL are the founders of NORDIC RENTAWAY SPAIN and together they manage the company. They both work with the Service Team to create an unforgettable holiday experience for our guests, and behind their team, they collaborate with all our wonderful clients in all service aspects.

Johan is originally from Falun (SE) and is an experienced entrepreneur with sales as his expertise. Isabel is from Copenhagen (DK), with an academic background in business administration and human resources management, and has many years of experience from the hospitality and service industry.