Our expertise from managing rental properties on Costa Blanca is what we offer investors looking to buy property here in the Alicante Province. If you are interested in finding a property excellent for both you, and for holiday rental, we happily offer our specialized advice.

Our expertise

Costa Blanca is a wonderful location for tourism and many visitors decide to develop a short visit into a long-term investment. Several of our current clients are investing more and we receive many guests that are interested in finding a perfect property for their holiday home combined with being a good and smart investment. By investing in a property suitable for vacation rental, our current clients are happily using their properties as well as generating an income from our rental management service.

​​​​​​​We have specialized in holiday rental properties on the coast and we offer our professional advice on property investment to clients who are interested in investing in their new holiday home.

guidance is key

It is important that we find an investment that suits our clients’ wishes and therefore we always listen to the thoughts and perceptions that they have of a future investment. We also guide and help if one wish might exclude another, however, we ultimately strive to harmonize all ideas. As our goal is to manage the best rental properties on Costa Blanca, we are always completely transparent about the benefits and disadvantages of certain areas compared to others in our advice on any investment. Hereafter, we look for an investment that both complies with the wishes for certain attributes and which is optimally located for rental purposes. Finally, we narrow the properties down with the client and visit the most interesting objects.

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