NORDIC RENTAWAY SPAIN is actively working towards becoming more sustainable in every aspect of our company. We believe in utilizing resources that develop the environment positively, and we promote sustainable tourism on Costa Blanca. It is our belief that traveling responsibly creates a positive impact on local culture, people, and tourists themselves.


For our guests on Costa Blanca, we aim to create awareness of their impact during their travels in Spain by gifting them with sustainable and environmentally friendly products. We believe that the introduction our guests receive upon arrival from our local hosts spark inspiration and responsibility towards the local beaches, the general environment, the local culture, and its people.

All guests receive water from AGUA enCAJA MEJOR upon arrival to any of our rental properties. The company uses recycled materials for a carbon-neutral product, and donate 10% of their revenues to planting trees in Spain in cooperation with Plant for the Planet. Another company which we are delighted to support is WhoGivesACrap.org, from whom our guests receive toilet paper made without trees, inks, dyes or scents, and 50% of their
revenues are donated to build toilets for people who need them. Moreover, all guests receive organic and biodegradable welcome kits: bathroom and kitchen amenities, to welcome them and begin a lovely and environmentally friendly holiday.

For our clients

For our clients on Costa Blanca, we care for their properties in collaboration with La Lavandería Alicante and only use environmentally friendly products in their homes. La Lavandería Alicante is a natural cleaning company that offers home cleanings on Costa Blanca.